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Friday, July 22, 2011

Waivers for Hauling Large Hay Loads Due to Drought

The drought is putting great pressure on our livestock producers as forage and hay supplies become more scarce. Waivers will allow hay haulers to carry above height limit and above weight limit loads of hay (round bales). Please note there are some restrictions, but this may be of help as ranchers seek ways to keep forage available to their livestock.

Copies of two waivers approved by the Governor.

1. The "hay waiver"

2. An oversize/overweight permit waiver related to timber cleanup for three of the recent wildfires.

Links to both of these documents are available on the TxDOT Web site, at , under "Important Notices".

(From the TxDOT Home Page at, you can get to "Important Notices" by selecting "Business with TxDOT", then "Motor Carriers", "Oversize/Overweight Permits".)

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